Composed of Romain Coppin and Alexis Bondoux,

Messgewand is an Amsterdam / Paris based french design team interested in the way object design can influence the relationship we have to aesthetic appreciation. We use object design as a medium in order to answer to professional assignment as much as self-initiated projects with a critical approach toward modes of production and representation.

Our objects and experimentations are visualised using 3d, video, illustration, drawing, and sculpture. By doing so, we try to question the contemporary visual codes and rules used in the object design field. We explore new aesthetic developments in order to take distance from formal conventions. Each project is an opportunity to experiment and precise our personal design language.

We definitely think that our way to work gives us the ability to turn any negative context into a positive one, to enjoy the social, economic and political constraints.

They give us the opportunity to counter or caricature these specific contexts.