Born in Italy, I grew up in a sewing workshop and I express myself from childhood through drawings. I graduated in 1989 with a degree in ceramic sculpture at the Gaetano Ballardini Institute in Faenza. I continued my studies at the School of Fine Arts in Bologna with a degree of Scenographer obtained in 1994. The scenography led me to costumes and Couture. Based in Paris since 1997, I worked for many workshops of Haute Couture and movie costumes and Operas. In 2014, wishing to find again connection with ceramics, I conducted training in potter wheels at ATC school in Paris. With wheels practice , I discovered a new form of expression, powerful, connecting material, gesture, curves.

Perhaps what best characterizes my work is formal research through a multidisciplinary techniques.

The inspirations are several, but the starting point is often the raw material. I like what we can get through expertise and connections between the material and hand.

The beauty of gesture too.

I am passionate about the Decorative Arts, the soul that can infuse an object in shaping it. My creations are unique pieces or very limited editions, made by me in noble materials, or ennobled by my knowledge, each object retains its uniqueness.