In 2015, Pierre Brichet and Caroline Ziegler created the brand 'By Hands', a family of objects and small furniture designed and hand-made in their workshop, in limited edition. With 'By Hands', they propose objects that express their identity and their values: "Gathered by an exclusive production they are linked by one thing in common: our hands, the ones that design and the ones that make."

This brand allows them to give life to distinctive items and to accompany them from the beginning to the end.

The principle: a sensitive and precise finish, with several materials mixed around craft and delicate techniques, and new products that will come regularly. Revealing the mark of the hands that made it, each piece of a series is unique and singular. The hand-making of the objects that Pierre and Caroline design has been part of their creative process since they began. They draw the objects and then they produce them; it is a way to make their creations tangible.The envy to create 'By Hands' has come from this practice. Underlining this identity of their own, without stopping collaborating with other companies. These relations feed their work, and this 'hand' work enriches their proposals and researches.