FRACAS is a design gallery based in the center of Brussels, in the Dansaert area, which opened its doors in 2016, founded by Anne Genvo and Romain Silvy.

Specialized in objects and furniture, the gallery promotes self-produced pieces with authentic concepts. With an uncommon vision of design, it emphasizes genuine and raw artworks, always on the border between design and art. FRACAS is representing around twenty international talents through a physical space as well as an online platform. It’s based on two editorial lines: a semi-permanent collection and temporary curated exhibitions. With the desire to address a large public, it also proposes events accessible to all such as workshops or lectures. Bridging the gap between designers and collectors, the gallery has an innovative economic system ensuring a fair pricing of the pieces and a just and proper income to the designers. FRACAS is a space in which an open dialogue about contemporary crafts and design is not only possible but strongly encouraged.







FRACAS : noun

                  a noisy, disorderly disturbance or

                  fight / riotous / brawl / uproar.

            Origin of fracas :

                  1720-1730 - French / Italian fracasso,

                  derivative of fracassare to smash,

                  equivalent to fra- (latin infrā: among)

                  completely + cassare: to break